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Contract of Carriage

The transport of passengers‚ cargo‚ parcels and luggage on flights operated by Bocas Air Company‚ S.A. (Bocas Air)‚ is subject to the terms and conditions established in this Contract of Carriage‚ in the Terms and Conditions printed on the ticket‚ in the published fares and itineraries and on the airline's website ( By purchasing a Ticket or accepting transportation‚ the Passenger agrees to these provisions.


The Ticket is issued in the name of a natural person and cannot be transferred. Bocas Air may verify the identity of the Passenger at any time.


All checked baggage may be searched through a x-ray device or by manual physical examination in the presence or even in the absence of the passenger. There are some places where this control may be exercised by the authorities‚ forces military or police of the country. Each Passenger is responsible to Bocas Air and the competent authorities of the contents of their luggage. Dangerous and prohibited items and substances must be removed from baggage and cargo before embarking. Bocas Air will not be responsible for the custody of these items.


The Passenger must refrain from including in their luggage registered the following elements‚ among others‚ that can be affected by the machines of x-ray or inspection:

(a) Photographic rolls.
(b) Samples and scientific material.
(c) X-rays.
(d) Any other susceptible to damage by X-ray machines or
of Inspection.

All hand luggage may also be subject to inspection by security‚ in the same conditions established for the luggage registered in the articles previous. Additionally‚ all luggage must comply with the measurements‚ dimensions and weight according to the rate and details published on the website or on the electronic ticket.


The Ticket will not be refundable and in the event that the client requests a change in the flight date‚ it will have a validity period of 90 days from the original date of the flight.


Bocas Air is not obliged to transport any passenger when it considers it for safety reasons of violation of laws‚ regulations or ordinances or when their conduct‚ physical or mental condition so requires‚ or when it causes discomfort to other passengers or to the staff of the company or in the opinion of Bocas Air is considered annoying or dangerous in the operation of the flight.


As long as the capacity of the plane allows it‚ the luggage will be transported on the same flight that the passenger travels. When this is not possible‚ Bocas Air will send it at its discretion on flights with available space. The Ticket entitles the passenger to transport free of charge up to 18 kilos of luggage on internal national routes and up to 30 kilos on international routes. Excess baggage‚ whether in weight or volume‚ will be charged according to the rate established by Bocas Air. The transported luggage will be delivered to the person who presents the corresponding luggage tag. To consider any claim regarding luggage‚ it must be made immediately after the corresponding flight and before leaving the airport. Bocas Air will not be responsible for the deterioration or destruction of fragile‚ or perishable items.


Flight schedules and routes are subject to change without prior notice or liability on the part of Bocas Air. Bocas Air is not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by reason of the delay‚ advancement‚ suspension or cancellation of any flight due to force majeure‚ acts of God‚ adverse weather conditions‚ mechanical difficulties or security reasons.


All passengers must appear at the designated airport 1 (one) hour before the time of departure for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights. Failure to comply may subject the passenger to the cancellation of its reservation.


Any request to change or cancel a reservation must be made a minimum of 6 (six) business hours in advance of the flight departure. Changes to reservations may incur an administrative charge and must be paid before using the ticket.


Failure to comply with articles 8. and 9o. of this transport contract may incur a surcharge of up to 50% of the value of the Ticket.


Bocas Air reserves the right to make its air connections by other routes to meet the final destination‚ and is not be responsible for loss of international connections and payment of penalties.


If the Passenger is not a citizen or resident of the country of destination‚ the Passenger is required to have proof of departure by means of a valid Ticket to return to the country of origin or another international destination.


Panamanian citizens and permanent residents must present a national identity card. Visitors are required to present a passport or birth certificate in the case of minor children.

If the minor is not accompanied by both parents‚ the accompanying parent must include a permission letter signed by the other parent before a Notary Public. In the event that the minor is not accompanied by parents‚ the accompanying adult must have a permission letter signed by both parents before a Notary Public.


Bocas Air reserves the right to require the passenger to verify that he is the owner or holder of the credit card used to purchase a Ticket. In the event that a third party has purchased the ticket with a credit card‚ they must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the company that the person who made the purchase is the owner of the ticket.

If the passenger is unable to verify the identity and validity of the cardholder‚ the airline reserves the right to cancel the ticket and require the passenger to purchase the Ticket in cash or with an in-person credit transaction.


For the purposes of the air transport service‚ a person who has not reached the age of 12 on the flight date is considered a minor.

An Infant is a minor that is younger than 2 years of age on the flight date. Infants may travel without occupying a seat in the lap of a responsible adult. Infants must have a Ticket even when a fare is not paid. Infants occupying a seat must pay the cost of the Ticket and an infant seat approved for use in aircraft.

A Child is older than 2 years of age and younger than 12 years on the .flight date. Children must travel occupying a seat and paying the corresponding fare.

An adult may carry a maximum of one infant under 2 years of age.

Any Child who cannot sit with a seat belt fastened and is not carried as an Infant on the lap of an adult passenger must be transported in an approved infant / child seat for air transport. Infant / child seats must be used in unoccupied aircraft seats and cannot be on the lap of an adult‚ cannot be used in emergency lines‚ and must remain properly secured to the aircraft seat for the duration of the seat. the flight.

Minors and those who accompany them should not be located in the emergency exits.